Ultimate Canaima National Park & Angel Falls 6 days & 5 nights

Enjoy visits to the homes of the Pemón, short hikes to spectacular sacred canyons, swimming in pools at the foot of cascading waterfalls, a motorized dugout canoe to Angel Falls with a trek to Laime’s Lookout Point at the base. Culminating in a visit to Canaima Lagoon with its seven waterfalls- we will end our expedition by experiencing the raw energy of Sapo Falls and traversing the hermit Anatoly’s man made path behind them.

Visit the unknown or “not commercial” side of the Gran Sabana by the foothill of the Auyan Tepuy. This experience is a combination of cultural interaction, hiking, swimming and lot more.

Simply a great combination of two still unknown places of Canaima National Park. This experience actually runs in the Gran Sabana by the southern foothill of the Auyan Tepuy and can only be reached by plane, that makes it more authentic, far from “tourists” and gets you inmersed in the Valley of the Lost World.

Enjoy visits to the homes of the Pemón, short hikes to spectacular sacred canyons, swimming in pools at the foot of cascading waterfalls. Combine Uruyen and Kavac with Angel Falls Expedition and get the lifetime experience that you are looking for.

Canaima National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our itinerary:
Day 1: Ciudad Bolivar or Canaima Lagoon – Uruyén

Early morning transfer to airport. Flight on a light plane for two hours to Uruyén, landing on the same landing strip where both Jimmie Angel and Ruth Robertson set up base camps before their respective expeditions. Jimmie first discovered Angel Falls (in 1935) and Ruth later (May 1949) proved they were the tallest in the world. Spectacular overflight of Angel Falls included (weather permitting). Afternoon hike to Yurwan Canyon and local waterfalls with indigenous Pemón guides. Overnight at the Pemón lodge of Uruyén in beds. (B,L,D)

Day 2: Uruyén – Kavak

Transfer to Kavak by jeep, or hike through the savannah and rainforests visiting local Pemón village’s enroute. Afternoon hike to Kavak Canyon and the sacred cave of Kavak with Pemón guide. Overnight at Kavak Lodge in beds (B,L,D)

Day 3: Kavak – Ciudad Bolivar or Canaima Lagoon

After breakfast go hiking to La Toma in the foothill of the Auyantepuy and where you have a great view over the Kamarata Valley and the Kavac cave. At your return to the camp, you will have time to pack your things and have a lunch before catching your plane to your next destination which can be Canaima Lagoon to start the Angel Falls Expedition or Ciudad Bolivar(B,L,D)

Day 4: Arenal – Angel Falls

We take to the river early morning for the penultimate leg of our expedition. Entering the awe inspiring “Devil Canyon” on the Rio Churún we will make our final approach to Angel Falls. Trek through the rainforest to “Laime’s Lookout Point” – the same point where Laime and Ruth stood in May 1949 to photograph the falls. Overnight at Ratoncito Island camp in hammocks. (B,L,D)

Day 5: Angel Falls – Canaima – Ciudad Bolivar

Early morning curiara trip to Canaima along the Churún and Carrao rivers. We will pass close by Mayupa airstrip where Ruth finished her epic journey on May 17th. One last adventure – before bidding farewell to our captain and his Pemón crew – Sapo Falls beckons. Walk behind the gushing curtain – one of seven waterfalls unloading its raw energy into Canaima Lagoon with great vistas from the top of the falls. Fly to Ciudad Bolivar; visit with Jimmie Angel’s famous plane at the airport. Overnight at Hotel La Cumbre. (B,L,D)