Angel Falls & Roraima

The icons of Canaima National Park in 9 days! Reach the bottom of the highest waterfall of the world in a river expedition and trek to the top of the "Lost World " Roraima.

The icons of Canaima National Park in 9 days!

Reach the bottom of the highest waterfall of the world in a river expedition and trek to the top of the “Lost World ” Roraima.

Angel Falls Expedition

Day 1

Departing from Ciudad Bolivar. The Angel Falls are located impenetrably deep inside Canaima National Park. Your tour begins with an impressive flight in a light aircraft to the camp, close to the Laguna de Canaima, from which you can see the beautiful Hacha Falls. After a tasty lunch in the indigenous village you will be taken across the lagoon and past the Hacha falls in a small boat. From this side of the lagoon you will walk along the pink sand banks and up, through the jungle to the majestic Sapo Falls. From here you can swim in the lake before walking up through the jungle and behind the falls and enjoy the scenery through the powerful curtain of water. Dinner at the camp before falling asleep in beds to the sound of crickets.

Day 2

After breakfast at the camp you will walk through the jungle before taking a motorized canoe along the Carrao and the Churún Rivers, to the spectacular Angel falls. As you travel along the rivers you have time to take in the lush scenery and the dramatic Tepuys and enjoy a light picnic lunch. Only when you arrive at Devil’s Canyon can you see the Angel Falls cascading over 1km from the top of the Auyán-Tepuy to the Churún river. From here you will walk up through the jungle for an hour to the Mirador Laime vantage point and then down to the rock pools near the base of the falls where you can swim in the fresh water. That night you will eat a delicious, freshly prepared meal at a camp close to the falls before falling asleep in your hammock.

Day 3

After breakfast and coffee at the camp you will travel back down the river to the first camp where you will eat lunch before taking a final one hours flight over the jungle to Ciudad Bolivar. Your bus departure to Santa Elena will be at 7pm so you will have enough time to visit Ciudad Bolivar for a few hours.

Roraima Trek

Day 4

We leave Santa Elena by jeep and drive for about 2 to 3 hours to reach Pareitepuy which is our starting point for the hike. After registration at the indian chiefs house and Inparques (National Park Office) we will hike for about 4 to 5 hours to get to the Kukenan river. There is 2 refreshing river crossings and some 30 minutes of stronger uphill walking. The river crossing at Kukenan river depends on the water level and can be dangerous! The rocks are extremely slippery. If the weather and sight are good we will enjoy the views of Mount Roraima, Kukenan and many other tepuys that form the Guyana shield along the way. The terrain is open savannah mainly. Dinner at the campsite.

Day 5

Just after breakfast a long uphill walk starts. According to the season we might hike across complete fields with thousands of orchids. There is 2 hours of good uphill and another 2 to 4 hours of hiking today before we reach the base camp with running water coming from the top of ” the ever fruitful mother of the streams – Roraima”. The indian name is adequate as Mothers water feeds the Amazon,Orinoco and the Essequibo, the 3 biggest streams in South America!

Day 6

We slept just at the outside of a thick and lush belt of humid cloud forest that surrounds the tepuy. After breakfast it will take us about 2 hours to cross this thick and beautiful jungle with many neo tropical plants such as bromeliads, tree ferns and helicons; another 2 hours of ascent along the ramp on big rocks to reach the top of the plateau, some might think they have just landed on the moon, exhausted but what a surprise ! Lunch at campsite and in the afternoon time for an exploration stroll on this island in time.

Day 7

The plateau of Roraima is around 70 skm big, you could spend weeks on top of it. Strange formed rock formations, bizarre, flesh eating endemic plants (drosseras) and black dinosaur looking frogs, after breakfast we will find our way through this labyrinth of black lichen tainted rocks and hike for the whole day. We will reach the valley of the crystals, the obelisk monument Triple point (border of Venezuela – Brazil Guyana), no passport required there ! and will hike on to ” el Pozo” , a natural water pit with a small cave system below it, , oh and if you see a monkey eating an ice cream, an over dimensional piano or smoking camel, things like that are normal here, remember we are on the moon of some other galaxy. Truly Fantastic ! Around 8 hours of walking, lunch on the way, dinner in the camp.

Day 8

Time for some last photographs of the plants and views and then we start hiking down, saying good-bye to the giant flying turtle and all the othe r strange impressions. We will hike to Rio Tek (around 6 to 8 hours), mostly strong down hill, A refreshing swim in the cool river will be a supreme reward after the days long trek. Lunch on the way and dinner will be at the camp.

Day 9

After breakfast it is still some 3 to 4 hours back to Pareitepuy where cold beers and icy refreshments await us, also be aware, the people of Inparques will check everybody for crystals and other stuff you are not supposed to pick up or collect on the mountain. Our jeeps will drive you back to Santa Elena and from here you will catch the bus back to Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz.

Duration: 9 Days / 8 Nights
Cash Price From: US$ 795- US$ 820
(rates based on 4 people minimum for Roraima trek)
Departures: ask now

Price Includes

· All meals except breakfast Day 1 & 4 and dinner on Day 3 & 9
· All camping and cooking gear.
· English speaking native tour guides
· Daily guided excursions

Bus tickets Ciudad Bolivar Santa Elena de Uairén / Santa Elena de Uairén-Ciudad Bolivar

Price Excludes

· Trip insurance – mandatory
· Souvenirs.
· National Park fee, US$25 per person
· Accommodation in Santa Elena de UairénSuggested Items to bring along
Hiking boots and socks
River shoes or sandals with good tread and closed toes
Light cotton trousers, shorts, tee shirts, long-sleeved shirt
Rain protection (poncho)
2 bathing suits, one towel
Sun protection / sun block
Head protection – baseball cap, hat or scarf
Insect repellent (suggestion – Johnson’s
Baby Oil, alcohol and / or “deet”)
Small flash light and spare batteries
Small backpack for daily essentials
Camera with plenty of memory and a spare battery
bag for your wet clothes

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