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Osprey Expeditions History & Staff
Osprey Expeditions Venezuela, C.A. was founded by Ben Rodriguez in April 2002. It is a 100% Venezuelan Nature Tourism company, which offers products to independent travelers who have a limited or large budget. Osprey shows up in Lonely Planet Venezuela 2007 and in Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring 2007, as one of the most competitive Tour Operators in Venezuela. In addition, Osprey represents other international tour companies who sell destinations in Venezuela.

Osprey Expeditions plans to extend operations to other destinations in Latin America, such as Colombia and Panama, which promise to be a success in a near future.

Osprey's professional staff makes up a team, which is always willing to give its best.


Ben Rodriguez, Founder, Owner and Director:
Ben was a nature tour guide from 1994 to 2002 in almost all the destinations Venezuela has to offer, his specialty: wildlife observation. He gained experience whilst working for different top tour operators, experience that served as a base for his professional development. He speaks English and Danish and has guided more than 400 different specialty tours throughout Venezuela. In April 2002, after experimenting months of economic hardship and many professional frustrations he decided to found Osprey Expeditions. At this time, there was a very unstable political environment and it was an extreme risk to venture into a project such as this one. Ben started selling tours, with just a photo album in his hand and in complete bankruptcy, at a small and cheap hostel called “Nuestro Hotel”, which later became “The Backpackers Hostel” and is practically the only place in Caracas that caters to backpackers. This place became an authentic low-budget travelers sanctuary with a 100% occupancy.

At fist, Ben ran all operations. He sold, planned and organized all tours, provided transfers to and from airports and bus terminals. He was later joined by friends and his sister, Ana Rosa, who paved the way for Osprey Expeditions Venezuela C.A to become what it is today.

Jorge Fernandez, Operations and Office Manager:
He joined Osprey in August 2005 and he is in part responsible for Osprey's growth and success. He is in charge of making your holidays a great time. He controls operations and does sales of the sales for the Spanish speaking market. He holds a major in Tourism and was a professor in his native San Felipe de Yaracuy (300kms from Caracas). He is Ben's right hand and consultant. His unconditional, constant and efficient support make him irreplaceable.
Veronica Crepinsek, Representative and Guide:
Has been with Osprey since 2005. She is practically Osprey's image, as she has the most contact with our clients. She is in charge of meeting them at the airport, give them all the necessary tour information and assist them in departures and arrivals at the airport. Always professional, charming and centered, we dare say that she is the best in Venezuela in this specialty. It is an honor to have her at Osprey Expeditions. She speaks English, German, Spanish, Italian and a little French.
Angel Calderón, Isla Margarita Representative:
He was originally going to be Osprey's driver; however, during his interview, Ben realized his enormous potential and decided to include him in the team and not use him as a driver. With a solid academic background in administration, Angel is a skillful person with a great know-how in computer systems and networks, graphic design and is very skillful at any activity to which he is assigned. He speaks English and a little French. He is our representative in Isla Margarita where he resides since 2008.

Zam Hernandez, Sales Manager:
Ben and Zam went to Tourism/Hotel Management school back at Universidad Simón Bolivar in 1995. Zam studied in the US and lived in the UK after graduation. They met once again last year after 13 years and are now working together. He loves traveling and he is proud the best of Venezuelan culture and nature to all customers. He speaks perfect English and Spanish.
Luis Quijano, Representative in Ciudad Bolivar:
Owner of the most successful Tour Company in the region: Adrenaline Expeditions, he is in charge of our operations in the Gran Sabana and Ciudad Bolivar. He is one of Ospreys most important bastions because of his unconditional support and proven efficiency in any given situation. He speaks English and Spanish.

Gustavo Viloria, Representative in Mérida:
Biologist by profession, decided to found his own tour company Gravity Tours in 1999, which is on of the most renowned tour operators in Mérida and is in charge of Osprey's operations in the region. He assists all our clients and organizes tours to the Llanos as well as Paragliding, canyoning and rafting. He speaks English and Spanish.


Natalia Baryshnikova, Representative in Russia
Professional interpreter, writer and tour guide working in the travel and hotel industry. Education in linguistic, management and quality assurance. Worked for major business corporations as a senior translator, CEO assistant, manager. Travelled in many countries, participated in volunteering projects. Active member of PETA, WWF. She is promoting Osprey and Venezuela for the Russian market since 2009.

For Russian customers:

Atilio Gómez, Driver for Caracas:
He joined the team in 2007 and since then he provides assistance and transfers from the aiport to Caracas. He takes good care of his Grand Cherokee SUV to keep our customers comfortable and safe all the time.

Giovanni Hernandez, driver for Ciudad Bolívar:
Has been on the team since the beginning of 2007 and is in charge of all the assistances in Ciudad Bolivar and Puerto Ordaz. Very professional; he makes all our clients feel welcome and safe.

Leonardo García, driver for Choroní:
He is in charge of long route transfers. He is very professional, who has been on the team since 2005. Always on time, with a smile and making sure his passengers feel safe and comfortable.
Carlos García, driver for Maturín and Orinoco:
He is in charge of long route transfers in the East of Venezuela and of guiding expeditions in that area. He is one of Osprey's oldest employees, joining the company in 2002 when Ben was recently taking off. .
Lebsky Zamora, Nature Guide:
Very experienced Nature Guide. Lebsky has worked for Osprey for two years. He once worked with Ben at Hato El Cedral as a guide and today he is one Osprey's star nature guide. His specialty: wildlife observation. He speaks English, Russian and Spanish.
Libya Parada, Representative in Los Roques: She is in charge of our operations in Los Roques. She greets and informs all our clients about Los Roques. She is a lover of freedom and has been in Los Roques Archipelago for some years now, time in which she has been recognized and highly recommended by Lonely Planet. Libya is a true professional and a key person for Osprey. She speaks English and Spanish.
Beneliza Brea, Administration:
She is in charge of the Administration and the books of the company. She is also graduated in Tourism Management and currently studies Law at Universidad Central de Venezuela. She works since 2007 as is a very enthusiastic person who hopefully joins the team for a long time. She speaks English and Spanish.
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